High Speed Internet Services

Kaleva Phone Company offers High Speed Internet (DSL) access that is always on and extremely fast and will not make your phone line busy!

Simply choose the speed that meets your needs and give us a call!

Up to 1.5 MEG $29.99 $39.99 
Up to 3 MEG $39.99 $49.99
Up to 6 MEG $49.99 $59.99
Up to 9 MEG $69.99 $79.99
Up to 12 MEG $89.99 $99.99
Up to 15 MEG $95.99 $105.99

Higher speeds available upon request

Surcharge of $10.00 (monthly) will be applied if you do not have our local service.  A DSL modem is required for DSL access.  We have wireless modems available for $90.00 + tax.  BASIC INSTALLATION IS ONLY $50.00.  We also offer a protection plan for $2.99 (monthly) that would cover lightning damage or damage from power spikes as long as the modem is plugged into an approved surge protector.

CALL US AT 231-362-3111

** Not available in all areas.  Speeds are sometimes restricted by distance from serving equipment.  Usage is subject to Access Policy.  Prices are subject to change.

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